Am I an Alcoholic? Here’s the Risks of Alcohol to Our Health

Am I an Alcoholic? Here’s the Risks of Alcohol to Our Health

Am I an Alcoholic? – Alcohol is one of the most successful industries in the world. 2/3 people in the world maybe have tasted it. Well, some probably love it, and some probably don\’t want to try it again. Also, there are people who want to stop drinking alcohol for better health purposes because, in the medical world, alcohols are related to psychological issues, such as depression.

These people began with a question, am I an alcoholic? That question is the first step to stop. Probably it is the best time to look for drug and alcohol rehab that may be suitable for you, such as Phoenix Recovery Bali. So, in this article, we will talk about the risks of alcohol to our health.

Am I an Alcoholic?

Losing concentration


We all know that a high amount of consumption of alcohol can reduce our concentration, and most likely, lose control of ourselves (our mind to be exact). During this condition, it is not just about health anymore, but our lives. Why do I mention lives? Well, if you went to the bar by vehicle, there are high risks of road accidents that can happen to you. Not to mention that you could risk someone else\’s life as well. So, it is the right choice to stop drinking and find rehabilitation if you care about your life and someone else\’s life.

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Liver diseases

Whatever we eat or drink, eventually, their contents will flow in our blood vein. We all know that blood pumped from our hearts and our livers, and the contents of everything we ate or drank will end up in the liver, including whatever contained inside a glass of alcohol.

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When the contents are in our hearts, the liver will neutralize any toxicant essence from our food and drink. However, our liver has its own capability and limit. The liver\’s capability to process alcohol essence is very lesser. When we drank alcohol more than our liver\’s capability, the contents of alcohol flow in our blood will be higher. So, when this keeps going, then the risk of hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver cancer, will exist. Begin with the question: Am I an alcoholic? It will be a great decision.


The more you drink alcohol, the higher your risk of getting cancer and died because of cancer. It is not limited just to liver cancer, but the mouth, throat, oesophagus, colon, breasts, and many more. So, keep asking yourself: Am I an alcoholic? And look for rehabilitation.

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