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Drug Rehab Centre in Bali

Will I get the best solution from any drug rehab centre in Bali for my addiction? This is a question that people with addiction often ask when they want to escape from their substance dependence. Addiction-even to legal substances like alcohol-can is difficult to overcome. When you are addicted to alcohol, you mostly need reliable help to escape from it.

You can get this kind of help from anyone-your family, your friends, or a community support group however, drug rehab specialists are always the most reliable option to help you escape from your addiction in a controlled and safe environment. How do you know that you need a drug rehab centre to treat your alcoholism? There is an “am I an alcoholic quiz” that you can answer to determine the severity of your alcoholism. By answering the following questions, you can decide whether to consult a specialist to treat your alcoholism.

Drug Rehab Centre – Why Do You Become an Addict?

The first question to answer is regarding the very reason why you become an addict. Why do people drink alcohol? There are many reasons for that, some are problematic, people drink to escape trauma or personal situations, People may also drink alcohol for recreation or indeed peer pressure.

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In any case, alcohol is legal and you may not need to undergo rehab if you drink alcohol occasionally. However, if you continue to drink alcohol to an extent that you cannot resist it and that you start making excuses or when it is affecting your life or your health, you should maybe think about getting rehab.

Why do people drink alcohol? It is sometimes described as feeling like you don\’t fit in or a hole in the soul, some people don\’t feel comfortable in their own skin, alcohol allows people to relax, feel confident and escape the noisy head that comes from over worrying.

Have You Become Increasingly Ill Lately?


If you are so confused that you can no longer distinguish between made-up excuses and reasonable reasons, just take a look at your health condition. If you become increasingly ill, physically and psychologically, your illness might be caused by your alcoholism.

Various physical problems are caused by alcoholism, including weight gain (or weight loss), high blood pressure, liver fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis, and cancer. Alcoholism may also affect you psychologically in such forms as memory loss, mood swings, and loss of critical judgment and coordination.

If you start experiencing those problems, you should know that alcoholism may be at the root cause of it. And by then, you should also be aware that the benefits of not drinking alcohol are real. Consult a drug rehab centre to find the best solution for your addiction.

Have You Looked at a Mirror Recently?

If you can rely neither on your reasoning nor on your health to decide on your alcoholism, simply look in a mirror. Alcoholism does cause some apparent physical changes to your look. Your body will be abnormally obese (or anorexic), your eyes and skin will look yellowish due to liver damage, you will have brittle hair and dry and wrinkly skin due to dehydration, and you may have a big and reddish nose.

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Why do alcoholics have big noses? Alcoholics tend to have a big and red nose due to a condition called rhinophyma or rosacea, which occurs when chronic inflammation occurs in the nose area. However, although many believe that alcoholism causes this condition, hence the term alcoholic nose, a study by the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine in 2015 challenges this belief and claims that there is no correlation between alcoholism and rhinophyma. Nevertheless, this research also claims that alcoholism does aggravate the condition because alcoholism enlarges the blood vessels-a biological process that causes rhinophyma to flare up.

So, when should I consult a drug rehab centre in Bali? Your mirror might help you decide whether alcohol rehab is necessary.

Have Your Drinking Behavior Become Bizarre?

Front view portrait of modern bearded man getting drunk alone in pub sitting at table and drinking vodka

Some alcoholics become so irrational that they start drinking anything alcoholic (even an unusual thing to be consumed)when they can\’t find something to drink. If you start abusing cough syrup, concocting moonshines, drinking alcohol while you\’re on medication, and even drinking rub alcohol, you\’re really becoming an alcoholic.

Remember that this behaviour is not only unhealthy but also very dangerous. Cough syrup contains a variety of substances other than alcohol that can cause unwanted effects in your body. Moonshine can cause dangerous – and even fatal – effects if you abuse it. And then, can you drink rubbed alcohol? No, you certainly can not, especially since it contains isopropanol, which is much more toxic than ethanol.

What if you use antibiotics? Can you drink alcohol while taking antibiotics? Although drinking alcohol is not always bad when you use antibiotics, the side effects of taking antibiotics may get worse if you also drink alcohol.

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Have You Listened to People Around You?

If you can\’t decide for yourself against your alcoholism, just listen to the people around you. Sometimes, your family and friends are more knowledgeable about you than you are when drunk. They smell your breath, they hear your reasons, they see how often you drink, and they see the adverse effects of alcoholism on envy you and them. They will mostly reprimand you when you have drunk too much.

Now, Make Your Decision.

By answering the above questions, you should be able to decide if you have become an alcoholic and whether you need professional help to deal with your addiction. To be honest with me, if I had been an addict, I would have had to consult a drug rehab centre near me because they knew how to help an alcoholic like me escape my despair and prevent myself from relapsing.

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