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Self Assessment

Drug and Alcohol Self Assessment

Self Assessment – Answer the following questions for a self-evaluation of whether you or a loved one may need drug addiction rehabilitation treatment.

Self Assessment

Please Answer Honestly

  • Do you feel that you need a drug (or alcohol) in order to function?

  • Is it hard for you to control your drug use?

  • Is it difficult for you to stay clean for several days at a time?

  • Do you use more than one drug at a time?

  • Have you ever lied about your use of drugs/alcohol?

  • Do you ever use a drug/alcohol by yourself?

  • Has your drug/alcohol use made you isolate yourself from your friends and relatives?

  • Do you hide your drug/alcohol use from your friends or relatives?

  • Do you use drugs/alcohol to cope with your feelings or to avoid dealing with the problems in your life?

  • Does your drug/alcohol use ever cause you to feel guilty, worried, trapped, lonely, sad, depressed, or hopeless about the future?

  • Does your drug/alcohol use ever make you confused, incoherent, disorganised, disoriented, or cause you some memory loss?

  • Has your drug/alcohol use caused you problems with motivation or concentration?

  • Does your drug/alcohol use ever cause you to have difficulty paying attention at work, school while doing your hobbies, or at home?

  • Do your drug/alcohol use cause you physical, emotional, psychological, family, social, financial, or legal problems?

  • Have your loved ones ever complained that your drug/alcohol use is damaging your relationship with them or do they criticise you for your drug use?

  • Do you ever get aggressive when you use drugs/alcohol?

  • Does your drug/alcohol use ever cause you to think about self-mutilation or ending your life?

  • Have you ever ended up in the hospital after using drugs/alcohol?

  • Has anyone ever suggested to you that you go for a consultation to get help for your drug/alcohol use?

  • Has your doctor ever told you to stop taking your prescribed medication because it could be harmful to you given your use of drugs/alcohol?


If you answered yes to 3 or more of these questions, we encourage you to contact us to discuss whether you or your loved one may need drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation.

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