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Welcome to Phoenix Rehab Bali

Phoenix Rehab Bali
A family run multi cultural rehab
That ensures your Recovery program,
Is as individual
As you are

Phoenix Rehab Bali is an Addiction Treatment Centers based in Bali Indonesia.

 An Indonesian and Western-owned rehab run by Expert qualified staff from UK and Indonesia. 

All Our Staff Are Fully qualified and have collective professional experience of over 20 years in this field.

We Offer Upmost Discretion, Complete Client Confidentiality and  Counsellors fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

A full Structured  Daily Program and Family Therapy for those also affected by Clients addiction

We Treat The entire process, from Detoxification to Full Recovery.

Independent Private Villas, exclusive to Each Individual Client.

24/7 round the clock care

A Team of Medical practitioners

and access to many outside support programs as standard

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For further information regarding our program, feel free to contact us and connect with one of our fully qualified team members.


Bali Rehab – Addiction Treatment Centers – Drug and Alcohol Rehab 



Addiction Treatment Centers – Drug and Alcohol Rehab – Bali Rehab

Our Story

Phoenix Rehab Bali is a Family run affordable drug addiction centre located in Bali, Indonesia.

British and Indonesian Run, we understand both issues attached to each particular culture and have experts that can offer unique Recovery approaches based on your exact background Beliefs and Values.

We recognized over the years that different cultures and different backgrounds need different methods and levels of understanding.

This is the only Rehab Base in Bali that absolutely meets our clients needs whatever their nationality, culture or beliefs are.

We have noticed many people are taught a one size fits all approach, so we have made it our mission to become experts in being able to differentiate what would work within one culture may not work in another, and so Phoenix Rehab was born.

We offer the services of Private Recovery Coaching on a one to one basis and an impatient  Private Drug and Alcohol detox which requires patience and appropriate effective action, the Phoenix Rehab team has it all.

We always provide the best service and rehabilitation system for all clients while maintaining confidentiality in every aspect of the treatment process that we provide. Phoenix Rehab is also able to offer Clinical Therapeutic support and assessments for the treatment of psychological trauma, as well as any other mental health disorders including depression and anxiety.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring back sincere genuine Care to those suffering from Addiction,

Too many places lose sight of what is truly important, which is Using your talents, experiences and skills, to help end another person and their families suffering.

We offer a deep understanding, warmth and love to all who walk through our door.

Teaching Powerful Transformative methods to not only stop using/drinking but turn it around so that your traumas can become your triumphs.


Let us now show you how.

-Bali Rehab – Addiction Treatment Centers – Drug and Alcohol Rehab

We are experts because we have been there
We are a rehab because we know the way out.

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If you have a problem with drug/substance abuse or addiction, you get help by contacting us, Don’t hesitate to ask for help, so you can take precaution.

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