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Our Programs - Detoxification

Our Programs – Detoxification is the first stage of your journey to recovery. This process is necessary to get your mind and body ready, so the therapy you undergo in rehab can be most effective. If you’re concerned that your drug use is out of control, this may be the bit that puts you off the most. Withdrawal symptoms can be managed effectively with the right care and support. Our medical team will help you through the process day by day.

If the thought of quitting has crossed your mind at all, you should feel incredibly proud. It takes great strength to see through the fog of addiction.

This illness is all-consuming and tries hard to keep you within its grasp. At Phoenix Rehab Bali, we can help you get through the withdrawal symptoms with the minimum amount of stress or discomfort. Plus, with 24-hour support from a team of medical professionals, we make sure you’re safe and looked after at all times.

Our Programs

Our Programs - Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our Programs – Our professional Bali Rehab Centre team includes experienced and qualified clinical staff from the United Kingdom and Indonesia who are qualified and highly experienced in working with individuals who have drug and alcohol issues, get clean and sober, rebuild their lives, and reconnect back to a normal way of life.

If you’re currently in need of support with substance misuse, mental health issues and/or behavioural changes, it is important that you appreciate the benefits of visiting a private drug and alcohol rehab clinic.

At our private facility Phoenix Rehab Bali, we can guide you into recovery by utilising highly effective proven clinical and Psychosocial treatment.

We personalise your treatment plan by understanding your induvial needs.

A private drug and alcohol treatment programme is most effective when carried out in an inpatient setting.

The duration of your private rehab treatment is tailored to you, but typically a standard stay at a private rehab centre is around 21 days – 28 days for the most effective long term recovery outcome.

Private Recovery Coach

Our Programs – Recovery Coach is an Individual client-centred tailored program designed for those individuals Not wanting or indeed able to undergo treatment within a residential rehabilitation center, Recovery coaching is designed for individuals who prefer a more personal approach thus resulting in greater success rates and those who wish to be taught how to orchestrate their new “sober life” into their existing lifestyles.

Not everybody wants or is able to just down tools and go into treatment, nor do people just have the funds to undertake a pretty huge obligation, Recovery Coaching recognizes that and therefore is designed to bring you all the benefits of the teachings within Treatment Centers BUT on a much more person-centered approach. 

Our Programs

Family Education & After Care

Our Programs – Our Family Education and Aftercare Program raises the standards of education and experience for those families impacted by a loved one’s addiction. The program addresses and provides education and support to clients and family members in recovery. The program brings the families of those impacted by addiction together for the purpose of education and fellowship.

Statistically, it is known that individuals suffering from the disease of addiction suffer fewer relapses when their families have experienced. The program helps to prevent relapse and gives families the opportunity to learn how to communicate and support their loved ones rather than enable the disease.

Activities to Choose From

Our Programs – Enjoy the rehabilitation period by visiting many tourist attractions in Bali, All activities take place at the weekend and are included in the total price. Terms and Conditions apply.

Activities in Rehab While Enjoying Sanur Beach Bali

We like to show our Clients that Recovery is Fun too, In fact, it’s essential, after all, if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be doing it. Therefore we encourage and support fun time too.


Breathwork, Yoga, and Reiki are all part of your weekly package. The client may choose which one each week.

NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE – PAYABLE BY CLIENT ( Additional Charges will apply )

All are upon discussion throughout treatment and will take place at the weekend so as to keep the week recovery-focused. (This does not include Reiki, yoga, sound healing ceremony, or Breathwork, which will be a part of your weekly schedule)


We are experts because we've been there, We're a rehab because we know the way out.​

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