Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our professional Bali Rehab Centre team includes experienced and qualified clinical staff from the United Kingdom and Indonesia who are qualified and highly experienced in working with individuals who have drug and alcohol issues, get clean and sober, rebuild their lives, and reconnect back to a normal way of life.

Why Choose Phoenix Rehab Bali?

Private Drug And Alcohol Rehab – Using the latest treatments and therapies, Phoenix Rehab Bali sets itself apart from other private rehabilitation center. Our focus is on helping clients understand what is happening inside their brain to aid long term recovery.

Industry-leading facilities combined with a team of experienced and dedicated therapists, giving every individual the best possible chance to regain a life full of hope and gratitude.


The Benefits Of Visiting A Private Drug And Alcohol Rehab Bali

When looking at the wide range of treatment options If your goal is to sustain long-term recovery the consideration of a private rehab centre should be made.

Visiting our private drug and alcohol rehab clinics will increase the likelihood of a one-time treatment requirement avoiding future relapses.

As drug and alcohol are more than just a physical dependencies , psychological intervention and a personalised treatment plan are an important part to avoid relapse.

To increase your chances of healing your mind and body give yourself a chance and call us

Our Approach Here At Phoenix Rehab Bali

The Phoenix team are experts in people, understanding the influence of psychological factors and the surrounding social environment on their physical, spiritual and mental health wellbeing.

At our core, we support individuals and families to recover from drug and alcohol problems, we take pride in our ability to work with individuals from the start through to resettlement. Our skilled staff provide effective and innovative interventions which enable our clients to address their problematic substance misuse.

We believe that our clients are individuals and that the recovery process for each person is different.

We understand Drug and alcohol problems are only part of the challenge for clients. We run several unique personal development Programs to complement our core services, which help our service users gain skills, confidence and motivation.

The Cost Of Visiting A Private Rehab Clinic

A one fits all approach isn’t available when measuring treatment.

The cost of private rehab will vary, depending on whether a standalone residential treatment is required, or whether ongoing support is mandatory.

Likewise, the type of treatment options costs will vary. Some treatments will work for some clients, while others may advance withdrawal symptoms, and ultimately influence greater behavioural connections to drugs and alcohol.

To find out more about the cost and treatment plans here at Phoenix Rehab Bali, please feel free to contact our team

Reduce your chances of future drug and alcohol abuse by embracing our unique personalised treatment plans available through at Phoenix Rehab Bali.

Private Drug And Alcohol Rehab

Why Residential Treatment is the Most Effective Way to Overcome Addiction/Alcoholism

Private Drug And Alcohol Rehab – When making a major life change like reversing long-held patterns of substance abuse, it’s best to do so in an immersive way – and residential (also known as an inpatient) addiction rehab provides just that.

While those in outpatient treatment still live at home during therapy, resulting in continued exposure to their old using environments and availability of drugs and alcohol, inpatient treatment offers a more complete experience.

You will be supported 24 hours a day by qualified addiction experts, so you never have to battle your addiction alone. And you will be an integral part of a community of sober peers who are dealing with similar struggles and are available to lend an open ear or helping hand whenever you need it.

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