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Private Recovery Coach

Private Recovery Coach is an Individual client-centred tailored program designed for those individuals Not wanting or indeed able to undergo treatment within a residential rehabilitation centre.

Private Recovery Coach is designed for individuals who prefer a more personal approach thus resulting in greater success rates and those who wish to be taught how to orchestrate their new “sober life” into their existing lifestyles.

Not everybody wants or is able to just down tools and go into treatment, nor do people just have the funds to undertake a pretty huge obligation,

Recovery Coaching recognizes that and therefore is designed to bring you all the benefits of the teachings within Treatment Centers BUT on a much more person-centred approach. Our Qualified and Experienced team of Addiction experts walk this road of recovery with the individual.

By listening to and truly hearing the individual, we identify underlying issues and are then able to meet them where they are and help determine what is best for each individual based on their specific needs.

Rehab Bali also work closely with the individual’s family as well, which has oftentimes been devastated by their loved one’s disease. We offer comprehensive, individualized recovery coaching for both men and women. A unique recovery plan is completed with each individual and family based on their specific needs covering:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Family education
  • 1-1 action on addiction program
  • Workshops on boundaries
  • Relationships
  • Assertive communication
  • Changing your playground and playmates
  • Managing cravings
  • Understanding your triggers
  • Replacing the addiction with other tools and behaviours

Case Management

Each client upon completion of the assessment will be designated a complete daily inventory unique to individuals exact needs and requirements.


Often times a family, while frustrated and increasingly devastated by a loved one’s addiction, are unable to stop participating in the insanity of the disease, and see no way out.

However, the family can be one of the most strong, positive influences on the addict’s decision to seek treatment. Working with our certified staff of Intervention Specialists, families receive the support they need to become part of their loved one’s journey into recovery.

We work with the family in becoming part of the solution so that they recover as well. Our intervention services include the following:

  • Preparatory meetings with family members
  • Prearrangement with a treatment facility best suited for the individual’s needs (including transportation)
  • Facilitation of the intervention meeting
  • Provide the private rehabilitation treatment
  • Recovery coaching of family members while a loved one is in treatment
  • Meetings with the individual while in treatment
  • Facilitating transitional living after treatment
  • Arranging referrals to mental health/aftercare professionals as needed
  • Recovery coaching with the individual after discharge from the treatment facility
  • Recovery coaching with the family after individual released from treatment

Private Recovery Coach

Making Every Client Recover And Getting His Life Back Is Our Priority

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