Urgent, Need Help to Stop Drinking

Urgent, Need Help to Stop Drinking

Alcohol is probably tasty, but they have an awful relationship with moral values, such as a man who is always drinking, is maybe depressed. That\’s what people around will think. Well, drinking alcohol isn\’t banned in any country you visit, including Indonesia. It is legal as long as you\’re in the legal age. There are some people who want to move on and do a fresh thing, and their first step is by asking for help to stop drinking. There is a lot of rehabilitation institutions, including for people who need drug and alcohol rehab. So, in this article, we will talk about how to stop drinking for good.

Help yourself


One of the basic methods to stop drinking is by yourself. Do you really have the intention to stop drinking? If you really have a strong will to stop drinking, then it is good. The first thing is environmental support. Indonesia probably a good start. Alcohol may be legal stuff, but they are forbidden morally, especially in a religious sense. With an environment that supports you who need help to stop drinking, you probably can achieve your goal and recover by stop drinking.

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You can also try to do some healthy lifestyles. You can start by eating healthy foods properly, exercise routinely, and apply good sleep patterns. You can still do your hobby, but avoid something that related to alcohol. Hobbies such as gardening, fishing, reading books, usually don\’t relate to alcohol.

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Medical help

Are you looking for rehabilitation from the experts? Well, that\’s good news, even though the price is a bit higher. At least it is worth trying. Usually, doctors would recommend you to rehabilitation programs that handling addicts of alcohol and drugs. They usually start with private counselling. Do you have a struggle that made you drink alcohol a lot? You can also join a group meeting in the program and meet friends that want to do the same as you, which is to stop drinking alcohol.

Help to Stop Drinking

If you really meet a health issue because of alcohol, then you can try detoxification in any rehabilitation institution or hospital. Detoxification is to make the essence of alcohol out of our body system. Usually, it takes seven days to complete the detoxification process. Rehabilitation and detoxification programs usually give you certain medicines to ease your alcohol addiction. These medicines also will help to stop drinking addiction during the detoxification process.

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