Am I an Alcoholic Quiz – Alcoholism or Just Casual Drinking?

Am I an Alcoholic Quiz

Today, we can find many “am I an alcoholic quiz” types on the internet. This thing can be used to know yourself whether you are just a casual drinker or an alcoholic. However, you need to answer this thing thoroughly and honestly. More than anything, an alcoholic has some symptoms. Knowing the symptoms makes you understand more about yourself.

The difference between alcoholism and casual drinking

People use the terms alcoholism and alcohol abuse interchangeably. However, those things are slightly different from one to another. Still, both could lead to addiction and other bad side effects.
Alcoholism is a term to describe addiction towards alcohol. Meanwhile, alcohol abuse is kind of linked to binge drinking. This term is about drinking excessively and negative effects may come along after all.

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On the other hand, casual drinking is a term to define individuals who enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, having a glass of champagne for certain occasions, and so on. If you find yourself being exposed to alcohol abuse or alcoholism, please immediately seek help from alcohol rehab near me.

Am I an Alcoholic Quiz – Types of alcoholics

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There are at least five subtypes of alcoholics. the Young adult subtype can be defined as those who drink less frequently but when they drink, they will binge-drink their alcoholic beverages. This type commonly comes from families with low- to no rates of alcoholism. Taking “am I an alcoholic quiz” will help to find your assessment result. The young antisocial subtype is the second on the list. This group is commonly diagnosed with ASPD or antisocial personality disorder.

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They have at least three traits between irresponsibility, deceitfulness, impulsiveness, lack of remorse, lack of regard for others’ safety, regular assaults, and recurring criminal activities. The rest types include chronic severe subtype, intermediate familial subtype, and functional subtype.


Common symptoms

When you are an alcoholic and try to limit your drinking habit, some issues may appear. This is called alcohol withdrawal. Just like other addictions, being addicted to alcohol may hurt you a bit when you try to stop. Still, it is better to stop now before it’s too late though. Some common symptoms include being unable to think, nightmares, moodiness, shakiness or jumpiness, easily irritated, tiredness, sudden depression, and feeling anxious all the time. It takes hours or days for the symptoms to show up. If you get one of those symptoms, you better take “am I an alcoholic quiz” and find out what you are.

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